The pandemic and its multiplier effect on human compassion

The pandemic might have brought us down on our knees, but nothing can beat the most potent, invincible, rapidly mutating, indefatigable force- humanity

The second wave of the pandemic has hit India hard. Our healthcare systems are reeling under the burden of the rise in COVID-19 cases. To add to this, images of unending lines of bodies waiting for their turn for the funeral pyre are devastating. There is only fear and depression all around. 

Despite this, we have hope. Hope, from common people, who have become crusaders against the pandemic. Multiple stories of kindness have been highlighted during this period. Many started off by an individual only to become that single spark to trigger a movement that grew exponentially. 

Every time a disaster hits us or a threat looms at large, humanity has always stood up to face it. These added acts of kindness have only subtracted the gloom that we usually see in the news.  

COVID-19 has threatened a fundamental human right: the right to survive. This threat has brought humanity together.  

Places of worship have opened their doors to all by changing their community halls into makeshift hospitals. The auto ambulances, the appeals for plasma and medicines on social media, the updates of the availability of beds, impromptu community kitchens,…the list is long.

Coding has also contributed a lot to make people aware and bring them together to fight this war of existence. Individual initiatives have created websites and online resources to provide hyper-local information, crucial in times of life and death. 

Local heroes

Stories on social media and eventually mainstream media have shown common people ranging from cab drivers right up to corporates honchos doing their bit to fight back.

Nations are coming together to fight this pandemic, which is nothing short of a global threat. Oxygen containers, bi-pap ventilators, medicines, are pouring into India from the world. Indeed the Pandemic has removed the importance of boundaries.

The virus recognizes no nationalities or religions, or ideologies. The virus strikes all dispassionately, and that has also pushed all of us to work together. We need this emotion to grow faster than R0 to minimise the loss of life and livelihoods. 

Let me conclude with this thought. We all feel that we have to do something for others. We think that it’s only all of us together who can make a better world. That connects all of us. Like a domino effect, this thought has the potential to touch everyone and thus make a formidable force called humanity, which is essential for the human race to triumph, to survive.  Does it take a destructive pandemic or something of that magnitude to teach us to be human and tell us that it is only humanity that has the potential to face any threat to the survival of the human race?   



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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