The state is not expected to tolerate it!

Poor must remain poor for rich to have the market, developing must not join the developed for the developed lose the dependents and followers must remain at their place for the leader community lose the glamour and glory. The prudent, positive and dynamic way Modi govt handled pandemic and amidst this had the patience, courage and stamina to envisage path of Atmanirbhar Bharat coming out victorious of the battle with minimum of damages and scars with the country’s economy responding too vigorously made the self-declared masters of the world first amused, then disturbed and later restless to find means and ways to demean, discourage and demoralize, if not able to, dislodge the govt.

There had been too many layers of illusions in various forms – either in the name of infringement of democratic rights or violation of human rights or taking away rights of speech and expression or disabling dissents and protests – that the Modi govt has been constantly accused of. Right from protests against CAA to abrogation of 370/35A to conspiracy of Delhi riots to now the Farm Laws, a constant sinister design has been visible to somehow break the speed with which India is growing and pulling it again and again to the previous regimes when corruption, nepotism and status-quoism prevailed and the vested interests flourished unabated.

Now after eleven rounds of patient talks with the govt proposing virtually everything other than total repeal of the agri-laws, the vulgar face of the forces that be, has come out to be visible for the ever vigilant people of the country leaving aside the forces with the vested interests and the elements eager to fish in troubled waters.
There is no point in going back why the talks could not yield any result but two points become abundantly clear – one, the agitation has never been by the farmers or for the farmers. For all the farmers do not have the tractors which prominently symbolized the agitating ‘farmers’. And had the agitation been for the farmers – the marginal farmers having the least of land – the whole of the country by now would have been on the boil and two, had the agitators been at all concerned and really prepared to do any good to farmers, they would have accepted the offer of discussing the laws clause by clause and have suggested numerous amendments putting the ball completely in govt’s court.

The demand of total repeal of the laws came only after the govt came to table for a prudent and positive dialogue so as to make the solution impossible for they knew this govt – and for that matter any govt – would never agree to this. They simply and deliberately wanted to continue the battle, allow it to be led by anti-national elements to derail and deviate the govt from the path of Atmanirbhar Bharat which would prove to be a headache for many!

Narendra Modi has now long been an institution – a nonconformist among yes-sayers, a crazy and crude Indian, mad only for his country and prepared to do all that is needed for his people. The very first Prime Minister who liked to work only shoulder to shoulder with whatever power in the universe and not to bow down before any. The saint-leader who could infuse the mantra of pride in his people who stood up and came with him in unison.

The reactionary forces who want the country to always wander with begging bowl could never bear this. They said the lock down was foolish. They said it made migrants flee and die on the way. They said pandemic was miserably mishandled. They said economy was now beyond any repair. They refuse to see people in PMO working round the clock. They refuse to see the Prime Minister taking care of the smallest details to an irritating extent. They refuse to see state govts working cohesively. They refuse to acknowledge the home-made vaccine was on the way. And so when all this was slowly coming true it became unbearable and they wanted to do really something big this time and they trapped the agitation. Many farm leaders, and of course their followers, still might be unaware as to in whose hands they are playing in and what they are facilitating.
Tweets, retweets and then the famous deletions eloquently indicate to a dirty design.

Many stars are prone to be purchased and there is lot of money at the store – if they could crush the confidence of India, they would still gain lot of money for eternity. But then our stars too have spontaneously and bravely took on them. This is the new India they perhaps did not know. Canada has been hub of anti-India machinery and they are known to control the large part of economy and politics of the country. Poetic Justice Foundation has been a known anti-India organization propagating, financing and encouraging all sorts of anti-India activities world over. Not surprisingly, Canadian Prime Minister too stood in line with them.

It would be disturbing to note that there were no significant international condemnation of 26th violence by the agitators though it resembled far too well with US capitol attack. Where were precisely these western stars and commentators? Attack on Indian state was not at all alarming to so-called democracy loving western world. Surprisingly enough many of us too blamed Delhi police for not ‘responding properly’ and for ‘intelligence failure’ ignoring the unimpeachable restraint they exemplified.

Post 26th Jan, there are no confusions about the intent of the agitation. The interests of the farmers are nowhere to be seen now. It is high time now that the leaders and followers understand the intricacies of the real intentions. The agitation has completely taken an anti-national turn. The farm leaders who really proceeded to take care of the farmers’ interests must ponder over, realize and give the call to retreat at least for the time being. Bapu too once famously retreated and bounced back. The agitators with firm commitment must dissociate themselves from the current form of agitation, sit back, brain-storm and come back to the agitation once again if they felt so. For definitely they never wished to disrespect the Tiranga and capture Lal Quila going on thrashing the cops, for Lal Quila was already theirs.

The least we talk of the opposition – especially the Congress – is better. They lost all the credentials of being the prudent opposition of a vibrant democracy. Never before this session of parliament did they call for total repeal of the agri-laws. Now Gulam Nabi Azad says such law was repealed by the English govt pre-independence days. What an analogy! Jyotiraditya Scindia more than rightly talked of their ‘double speak’ on the laws taking them back to their 2019 manifesto.

In fact, they could bear 2014 somehow thinking BJP would go back to opposition benches in 2019 election. 2019 mandate coupled with dynamic pandemic handling and soaring Modi public popularity made them unbearably impatient. They know too well that given the prevailing situation Modi dispensation appears quite invincible for many general elections. Therefore, it would be fit to disturb the govt and disrupt its way if it is not possible to dislodge it.

It would have been in the fitness of the things if the leaders would have unequivocally condemned the 26th attack, expressed remorse and withdrawn the agitation forthwith. That would have given a great credence to the cause of the agitation. In absence of that it went on to tell a vicious story altogether which is far beyond any Indian’s interest let alone the farmers. What they are supposedly preparing for now onwards cannot be called an agitation but only the confrontation resulting into anarchy which any state is not expected to tolerate!



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