The war of the vacs

Let’s acknowledge. We still do not know enough about Covid, as this inert chain of amino-acids, truly a cell organelle, active only within a cell environment, can play havoc with human lives.

Vaccines are a major threshold in the medical science’s fight against Covid. Six months back, when we prayed and looked to the skies for a miracle called a “vaccine”, wishfully equating it to a panacea, we now have three FDA approved, with possibility of two more to be inducted.

True to human nature, the accruing data, processes to be followed, adverse reactions, expenses has led to the stage of one-upmanship. It is no surprise, that the common man is amenable to such queries. Talks about side effects have begun, the burning topic being of higher side effects particularly clot formation in the leg veins in in Europe after the Astra-Zeneca vaccine. The side effects were reported from Italy, Austria, even S Korea. In ultimate cases of “death”, all investigating agencies, of individual countries, WHO, have categorically dissociated such terminal events from vaccination. Patient succumbed to underlying co-morbidities than any causal relation to the vaccine effect. A heartening homogenous chorus of solace from all investigating agencies- from the suspicions to the conformist.

The European countries that naturally ban batches of a particular vaccination, have now given a clean chit from any chance of causality, though the ban may remain for a while.

Regarding the said side-effects, flu-like symptoms, joint pains local inflammation at the site of the jab, may vary from a day to a few more days, but does that matter, in a life protective situation One may consider with patience the reliability of stories, as different people have different pain thresholds, and variable skin and soft tissue inflammation responses to minor trauma. As per headaches, that can be discomforting and discerning, the incidence is 50% for the vaccines being compared. Anyway, all complaints are to be recorded meticulously, s the patient is the king of the game!

While going through the data comparison of side effects of inoculation, neither pragmatism nor surveillance can take a back seat. There were comparison trials between Pfizer and Oxford-Astra-Zeneca, where despite minor side effects, there were no major mishaps or need for special warnings, or even the need of exclusion of certain sub groups of ecipients based on health status, or particular co-morbidities. It was a common track, and everyone could ply his train— no further need to check the bogeys! Still it is a miracle of a discovery by science, but different from any other study conducted on a worldwide scale. Scientists, epidemiologists, surveillance agencies shall have to balance scepticism, with the maturity of a scientific temperament.

Accepting, that some truths may be revealed by personal instances, rather than selected balanced studies where a rare but crucial complaint may not find its slot, the “Yellow Card” reporting system has been introduced. The advantage of recording individual side effects, gives a wider data base, and in case there is a clubbing of similar complaints, it becomes a recurring pattern to be looked into.

Astra Zeneca-Oxford has about 45, 000 Yellow Card entries, 23,000 feedbacks from its overall use, and the remaining from the use in UK. It’s a great system improvised for worldwide use.

The US clubs its data under the National Vaccine Information Centre (NVIC), that draws information from Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

What is lacking is a study of comparison of incidence mitigation of the disease, simultaneously enumerated with the side effects.

The vaccination program worldwide, can be displayed in two different views, depending on the populations, and internal health systems.

The first batch of statistics, is classified is numbers vaccinated per 100 people. Israel tops with 1.86, (58%) UAE with 1.04, (-) UK .46,(3%), US 0,27 (13%), India 0.01.

On the other shoulder, a view from the size of the population, India has inoculated 2 million, compared to 2.5 million in the US. China and Brazil between 1-1.5 million.

The total number of persons vaccinated worldwide is 420.6 million. The present rate of vaccinations /day worldwide, being around 9.5 million.

That does not solve the problem for poorer countries. It has been deliberated under the COVAX, that 2 bn. doses shall be provided by the end of the year to this segment, free of cost, India by tradition and spirit is a prime initiator.

It’s a long way to go, but it is nice to see the world come together, for the poor and feeble The ongoing and upcoming UN sessions should have Coved as the prime agenda.

Geographical claims, inter nation rivalry, hegemonic tendencies are understood, but they shall be of no good to the world or anyone.

The real and firm realization comes from within, or else wars and bloodshed are common instances throughout our history.

Terms and conditions: Subject to the unfortunate incident of another indolent variant cropping up.

“Mil Hi Jaenge Hum Ko Bhi Kuch Log Faraz

Sheher Ka Sheher Bewafa To Nahi Ho Sakta.”        Ahmad Faraz.

(We’ll meet our stock of like minded
Everyone in the town can’t be indifferent)



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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