The world powers warming up to Biden diplomacy?

In a space of just 5 months since he took over as the president of The United States of America, Joe Biden has occupied the centre stage of global diplomacy. A career politician of 50 years standing , Biden lost no time to reach out to the leaders of the like-minded democracies in a bid to firm up a rainbow Coalition to checkmate the aggressive posture of China.

Grown fast into the second largest economy of the world ,China in recent years is seen as a nation out on the prowl, to capture the allegiance of weaker nations, through building projects like BRI and other initiatives .China’s overtures are also reflected in her attempt to gain supremacy in South china sea or in her military skirmishes with India.

While China’s intermittent intrusion into Taiwan’s Sovereignty is well known, the Human right violations perpetrated on Uighurs and Turkic Muslims in Xinjiang region is no less Irksome. China’s oppressive policies on Hongkongers also exude the air of Chinese high- handedness

The rapid growth of Chinese economy was partly fuelled, unwittingly though, by the EU Nations that helped China occupy the role a major Supply chain of Europe.

Simultaneously Donald Trump’s tariff offensive on major European economy forced the latter to look at China as a more convenient trade Partner. In this process U S sustained substantial loss of EU trade. During the Trump era European Union lost its diplomatic bonhomie with USA as well.

Obviously , US president First looked at QUAD as a major area of focus to recapture the relations with Japan, Australia and India ,major democracies in Asia . Through vaccine diplomacy was the highlighted agenda ,QUAD seeks to build a strong anti-China political Alliance. QUAD members met virtually on 11th March to finalize resource funding arrangement to make India as the vaccine production hub of the world

Next step for Biden was to look at European allies long unattended by Donald Trump. The stage chosen was the G7 Summit at Carbis Bay in the UK which united all the leaders of Europe. The three- day long conclave was used by Biden to rekindle the prospect of a meaningful European partnership.

Carbis Bay Conclave, expectedly, opened the door for wide consultations on matters of Mutual Interests .

The British Prime Minister, smarting under Brexit bruises, could get a fresh opportunity to directly talk business with the US. Angela Merkel of Germany finalized a bilateral meeting at White House on 15th of July to have a high level meeting to reset the renewed agenda for cooperation.

Further Biden would Host Yoshihide Suga, Prime Minister Modi and Australian PM Morrison during the later of part of the year as a follow up on QUAD diplomacy.

Biden was not oblivious of the strategic position of Russia and took care to meet President Putin at Geneva on 16th of June close on the heels of G7 Summit.

As reported by German media, the meeting did not spark any sign of hostility out of a otherwise frigid relationship. In the post meeting press briefing, both leaders hinted in measured tone that the conversation was positive. Biden wished for a predictable US relationship with Russia.

It is further expected that Germany and France, strong Economies both, would follow up on the Biden-Putin interaction to rebuild a more workable relationship.

Indications in emergence of such a scenario is manifest in the statement of Chancellor Merkel who termed Nazi invasion on USSR in 1941 was ‘An Occasion of Shame’ she went further to state: “Million lost their lives in Russia Ukraine, Belarus and Baltic States when Adolf Hitler’s Forces invaded Soviet union on June 22,1941″The apology coming exactly after 80 years could be seen as an olive Branch used for mending fence with the Russia.
World clearly is warming up to Biden Diplomacy!



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