There goes the better half…

Wooosh…There goes the better half. And the money.

Marriage is a risky business.  

Ask Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. 

Jeff is a learned man. He holds a degree in Electrical engineering and computer sciences. He worked at Wall Street. That should make him street smart. He sure was smart enough to start his own business. Business is his own but the goodies he is selling, belong to other people. His business acumen made him the richest man in the world. Our richest electrical engineer got the shock of his life from his wife. I do not know what degree his wife holds or the experience she has, she surely outsmarted him and became one of the richest females in the world. With his money. Did that leave the Blue Origin, battered blue? I do not know. 

Bill Gates might not have a college degree, but his wisdom of business nitty gritty and the resultant moolah added him to the list of the richest. He became so rich that he started saying – Money is not everything in life. And he started distributing money. May be his wife did not like that. She decided to part ways with him and not his money. She might decide to leave a micro dent and go soft on his chips. Again a risk factor overlooked by astute businessmen. 

Most curious is the case of Elon Musk. He married the first time and sired six kids in eight years. Got divorced after that and is still paying alimony. He married another woman. Divorced her and had to pay for the second divorce also. Listen to what happens next. He married the same lady again, divorced her again and again paid for it. Wows. No wonder he no longer believes in affairs of the Earth and wishes to explore space. 

It turned out to be a costly cheating for Tiger Woods. He must have apologized to his wife and she must not have accepted it. What she accepted was a divorce and the benefits. Tiger was left in the woods and the wife must have had a ball with the fortune. She might not have earned it, but Tiger provided her with an opportunity to claim it. 

None of them must have seen it coming when they started earning or when they got married. Maybe it was also not the original plan of the wives. But they surely found it more lucrative to have divorce and their pound of flesh than to stay in a bad marriage with an ounce of flesh. Interest rate on initial investment on marriage is phenomenally high. Amount that has to be paid at the end of marriage is mind-boggling. 

Mark Zuckerberg must be working hard to keep his wife happy. He should learn from Indian model – buy the wife one IPL team and keep her happy and busy. 

Should the rich men not marry? They should. But they should avoid running into a divorce. Every businessman must add divorce to SWOT analysis. 

My wife tells me. “Why don’t we start some business?”

And I reply back, “Because I don’t want you to divorce me.” Certain I am that I shall be a successful businessman. 

Maybe one day trend will reverse. We will have men getting divorce from rich wives and their share of wealth. That might never happen actually. I don’t see a man complaining about whims or fancies of a rich wife, he will be happy serving her. Even then it will be wife who shall seek divorce and pay off the man. 

I am still wondering what I would like to be in my next birth – a rich businessman, or his wife. 



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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