They have been declared anti-national, but real toolkits point us in the right Disha

Toolkits are anti-national, says the government. For most of the world, however, toolkits are only booklets of online information and, like carpenters’ kits or airline kits, are also smart kits.

Politicians are not worried at the outlawing of toolkits because they don’t need them anyway. They already have fool-kits. Toolkits smack of a “foreign conspiracy” but fool-kits are 100% desi maal. Old style netas don’t need toolkits as they already have fool-kits to help them win elections and fool voters.

Are toolkits anti-national? As the price of petrol hits a century, citizens are burning the midnight oil wondering what toolkits they can use to combat the dizzying price rise. A toolkit to find a solution to the rising cost of petrol and to conserve fuel might be handy. Wise drivers know the value of a good toolkit in the car.

Toolkits could come in handy against vaccine hesitancy, and a possible new wave of coronavirus. Since Covid may be returning in newer deadlier strains, we may need to keep an oxygen toolkit at home. Pollution levels in India’s cities are causing us to gasp for breath and reach for air-purifying toolkits. All households today are armed with medicine kits.

We also need a toolkit to deal with the collapsing economy. Given the perilous state of household finances and rising unemployment these days, citizens need not only a toolkit, but also a first aid kit.

When it comes to rights of protestors and dissenters, police need to go by the democracy toolkit. Respecting citizen’s rights, rule of law, right to free speech and association are all part of the Constitution’s toolkit.

For meetings and gatherings we are all familiar with conference kits. Climate change requires us to have toolkits, so that in times of global warming we may have safety kits.

For harmonious social relations we may need a secular toolkit. This could inform us on how not to discriminate against fellow citizens and how to deal with fellow citizens. The Gandhian toolkit of satyagraha, khadi and non-violence is a handy identity-kit.

Thus toolkits are actually vitally needed to deal with the many challenges in life. That’s why toolkits cannot be considered anti-national. They often point us in the right Disha.



This article is intended to bring a smile to your face. Any connection to events and characters in real life is coincidental.


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