Travelogue of Arunachal Pradesh- A biosphere reserve 1

Arunachal Pradesh is the biggest north eastern state with area of 84000 sq km, though its population was just about 14 lakh as per 2011 census. Throughout the state, there are lush green forests, deep river valleys and beautiful plateaus. I have privilege to travel its length and width thrice especially for monitoring rural infrastructure projects during October 2008-10 and 2002-04 as a consultant and state in-charge of NABARD, respectively. Some of its memoirs are like daffodils to me which also reflect the scope of area as tourist hub.

Once, I went to monitor a big bridge and a road from Daporijo, the headquarters of Upper Subansiri district about 200 km from China Border and about 300 km from Itanagar. Starting in morning, I monitored 2-3 roads on the way and reached the bridge site at Nacho towards China border at 5 PM when the Sun has already set there. In fact, this state in India is also called ‘land of rising’ where sun rise and sets early. It took an hour or so in monitoring and taking snaps of the big bridge which was to join two big tracks of land across the river Subansiri.

The other road to be visited was about 25 km near the China boarder. It was already pitch-dark but I thought of visiting that road too otherwise, we have to again spend one more day in going back and coming next day.

During the visit, an Assistant Engineer, a Junior Engineer (JE) and driver of PWD were with me in a Gypsy. Luckly, all of them were from Punjab, hence it was emotional strength. They told me that we shall have dinner back at the labour camp of the bridge. I mustered courage despite light rains at that time of night. It was kacha (muddy) formation cutting and there were stones in the middle for road at some places which were lifted by drivers and JE. Somehow, we reached the roads and I confirmed that the road in the rains then took some snaps in the light of Gypsy.

Then we went to the cottage where a local family known to them offered us black tea and local snacks. I further confirmed about the road by cross questioning. We had black tea as they rear animals for meet and not for milk. I told the family if there is heavy landslide on road, we may have come back for might stay in their cottage. While leaving their place, I gave some money to their children as per our custom. We reached around 10 PM at Nacho camp where dinner with jungli Murga was ready. It was cold too due to rains but we enjoyed the dinner with the staff. Again, we started around 11.30 PM to reach Daporizo in NHPC guest House at 1.30 PM. Recollecting that, I myself feel frightened about such adventure and commitment. Perhaps it was also my natural instinct which gave me chance to enjoy the natural beauty along with duty. Many such
instances will follow under this heading.



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