Truth and half truths

Despite the vastly enumerated side effects of prevailing Covid conditions (depression, anxiety etc), wisdom, tactical humour, jocular remarks, snubs, at times abusive, seep out in political debates, parliamentary commentaries. Channel shows with well- chosen aggressive speakers, auguring the urge of the able anchor’s search for higher TRPS, often end up end up gasping and perspiring. The short break, actually commercial, is an advantage for the anchors to take a few puffs of oxygen, maybe a direct blow of the A/C, resulting in a changed sweep of hair. It goes well.

Recently, in the Maharashtra imbroglio (nothing to do with the intricacies), an ex-CM, made an accusation at the strongman of the opposition, “…….ji is saying only half truths “.

Seasoned politicians know how to retaliate without creating much furore, but at a different level, the whole question of “truth” and its sub-parts is still an enigma from the enlightened, to the down-right decrepit.

Previous words of wisdom, that one may say were closer to “truth” arose in the same political circumstances. Take for instance, Tilak’s “Freedom is my birth-right”, King’s “We shall overcome”, Churchill’s “V for victory”, Mc Arthurs’s “People of Philippines, I shall return”, Harry Truman’s “The buck stops here”, Shastri’s war winning, “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan”.

Netaji’s “Give me blood, and I shall give you freedom” The ancient Chinese literature is so full of proverbs and quotes, that PM Xi, says, would be a repetition. Despite just about cordial relations, an approach to Chinese diplomacy could be a study and ingredients of its history.

Shakespeare, they say is the second most quoted in truth, lurking half- truths, after the Bible.

“To be or not to be” from Hamlet, explains in numerous ways the intricacies of the human mind.

One of the most popular quotes from the greatest epic ever written, is Krishna telling the eldest of the five Pandav brothers, who never told a lie, to say “Ashwathama, the elephant is dead, quietly murmuring, man or beast I know-not!”. That lead to the invincible teacher “Drona” to commit suicide, as that was also the name of his son.

JFK’s “Think of not what America gave to you…..” was motivating, only that the US was engaged in clearing up Cambodia, Vietnam at that time. Today it is the opposite. The citizen gets $ 1600 to take a shot of Covid! The Affordable Health Act as envisaged by ex-Prez Obama, not yet fully in place, is weighing heavily on the American treasury.

Law, knowing the nuances of a testimony, has confined “Truth” as,” The truth, the whole truth the truth, nothing else but the truth”. Quite composite an assurance, yet there is a need of lie detector tests, often. The still makes a difference between “truth”, and “whole truth” So just : the truth is lacking in veracity, with acceptability as “half truth”. If for instance, if the ex-CM had said that his worthy opponent was telling half lies, would it be suitable in common understanding, and the search for the half truth would still be on?

Truth becoming more and more intangible, or extractable, perhaps every statement should have a “disclaimer” attached.

The more the number of global or regional bodies, the more the use of diplomatically devised statements that leave the backdoor open—no remorse for that!

Take BRICS, ASEAN, SCO, The, dismantling NATO, Brexit and it revised terms with EU are some.

Take for instance, the distribution of COVID reactions, the mishaps, and thankfully all of them cleared as causality of the jab. Encouraging news.

The spotting of other variants as UK, South Africa, Brazil, have recorded mortality. The cause in the second surge of mutants ought to be known, having spent billions in research in the first assault in Jan 2020. That most vaccines take care of the mutations, is encouraging, but the hard facts are still needed to be scientifically stripped open.

The re-surge, to an extent was predictable. There are equations for posterity, and the PM was quite right in addressing the nation to beware and prepared in case that happened. A probable truth, is sort of becoming the whole truth. Good that we are pre-warned and prepared.

The proposition that more are being reported due to extended testing is not true—at the most a half- truth. It again comes down to laxity in the three cardinal principles of masks, cleansing, and social distancing. Think of this in an open bar, dancing, and enough inebriation to match. All the three cardinal principals are violated.

That the private sector is involved is a half- truth. Not without transferring medical protocols, procedures, and surveillance of any untoward reactions. They are more vulnerable to rumours, media. A short training workshop of the involved teams and certification gives the impression of scientific temperament of this country, that should only evolve. It protects them from needless medico=legal harassment. Private hospitals have admirably taken up their responsibility. They can double the output if given more logistic and resource support.

Finally talking about “The Truth”. I suppose we all know it. Perhaps an enlightened few can take you close to the perception. But all I remember is that Mike Tyson was challenged in his heydays, by a boxer Carl, “The Truth” Williams, claiming a knock-out of Tyson in the 4 th round. Well, Mr Carl was flat in the second round. I remember the headlines, “…However, “The Truth” was revealed in the second round!

Just to put some wisdom in the write-up. Ancient Hindu Scriptures have a thousand names for Lord Vishnu. One mystifying one is, “Neti , Neti…” meaning thereby, “it not this, it is not this….” , finally surrendering to the concept that He may beyond the thousand virtues that define him.

Sometimes a void in imagination, is the answer to a big question!

“Dil na-ummeed to nahin, nakaam hee to hai,
Lambi hai gham ki sham, magar sham hei to hai” Faiz

(The heart is not hopeless, only it did not succeed,
Long is the evening of pain, but after-all it is only an evening)



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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