Uttarakhand CM Tirath Singh Rawat literally makes history by announcing an amazing discovery

Two unemployed Class 10-failed school dropouts, Altoo and Faltoo, talking about Uttarakhand CM Tirath Singh Rawat’s history-making pronouncement on India’s colonial past.

Altoo: Rawatji, our esteemed CM, deserves a Bharat Ratna for having exposed the bunkum with which all these historians like Romila Thapar and others have been befooling us all this time that it was the British who ruled us for 200 years, when all along it wasn’t the British at all but the Americans who were our rulers for 200 years.

Faltoo: Rawatji deserves not just the Bharat Ratna but also the Nobel Prize for History for this truly historic discovery he’s made.

Altoo: Nobel Prize for History? I didn’t know that they have a Nobel Prize for History.

Faltoo: They don’t as yet. But I’m sure they’ll make up one specially to give to Rawatji.

Altoo: And so they should. But how exactly did Rawatji come to this great revelation?

Faltoo: He came to his great revelation through the use of the highly scientific method of jeanetics.

Altoo: Jeanetics? What’s that?

Faltoo: Jeanetics which has been devised by Rawatji analyses what makes us wear what we wear. And what more and more people are wearing today are jeans, particularly ripped jeans, which are jeans with big, big holes cut in them.

Altoo: OK, so more and more people are wearing jeans with big holes in them. But from that how did Rawatji discover that we were ruled by America and not by Britain?

Faltoo: Simple. Everyone knows that jeans don’t come from Britain but from America, which proves that it wasn’t Britain but America which ruled us for 200 years.

Altoo: Wow. Rawatji’s jeanetic code is a great discovery and can truly be called historical.

Faltoo: That it is. Though some killjoys are calling it not historical but hysterical – as in hysterically funny….



This article is intended to bring a smile to your face. Any connection to events and characters in real life is coincidental.


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