Washington must do more to aid New Delhi in its Covid fight

In a welcome move, the US has pledged to commandeer all possible supplies and resources to help India fight the massive Covid wave it is currently facing. In fact, President Joe Biden spoke with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to convey support and discuss India’s requirements. Over the next few days, oxygen-related equipment, rapid testing kits, PPEs, etc are expected to be shipped from the US.

The US stepping up to aid India in this time of crisis is a welcome example of American leadership and highlights the strong bilateral dynamic between the two countries. After all, India had helped the US with essential medical equipment in the earlier part of the pandemic. Therefore, Washington should return the favour now. Besides, if Covid goes out of control in India, it will become a breeding ground of mutant variants and pose a health risk for the world, including the US.

Therefore, India and the US must pool their resources to fight Covid. Given that the pandemic is hitting the world in waves, we need the India-US partnership to create a formidable health bridge that can be used to move equipment, resources and vaccines as and when required. This will also give meaning to India-US cooperation as part of the strategic Quad initiative.

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