What is Rahul Gandhi thinking?

Rahul Gandhi looks to Sweden and proclaims that Indian democracy is dead. Did the same Sweden who Rahul harks to as the moral judge of the world say anything when Donald Trump so debased American democracy as to almost break it? Is it conceivable that India’s PM refuses to step down, as Trump did, if he loses a patently free and fair election?

Where exactly is India’s democracy in danger? Or is it that white countries feel threatened by the rise of so-called coloured countries such as China and India? There is a foreboding of white extinction anxiety all over the white world. A French professor has even propounded the Great Replacement Theory, which says that coloureds are replacing whites in the world and that white hegemony is thereby coming to an end.

I ask Rahul, should white hegemony come to an end? If he believes so, why does he turn to a white country like Sweden to damn India? Sure a more muscular Hinduism has overtaken India, sometimes with not altogether pleasant consequences. For centuries, Hindus were deemed to be effete. It is only natural that they will try to reverse some of the ill-effects of that decline.

Like love jihad. Does Rahul say anything against love jihad? He doesn’t because BJP-ruled state after BJP-ruled state is passing strictures against love jihad. During the time of Muslim rule in India, a Muslim man could snatch a Hindu bride with impunity. Even today more Muslim men marry Hindu women if only because Islam prohibits Hindu men from marrying Muslim women. Does Rahul say anything against this discrimination? Or is it his contention that only Hindu women are attracted to Muslim men, and not Muslim women to Hindu men?

Rahul is fair-skinned but if he goes to the same Sweden that he upholds so highly, he will realize that he will be treated as cruelly as Meghan Markle has been in Britain. I am not saying that Rahul is a trojan horse for white countries, but why does he continue to make such obtuse statements? No wonder the Congress’s G-23 band of rebels are dead-set against him.

Mamata Banerjee suffered from an accident recently but tried to portray, at least initially, that she had been attacked to garner the victim card. She herself admitted later that she had been crushed under the throng of the crowd. I am sure that the PM must have sent her his condolences. The convoy of the BJP chief, JP Nadda, was pelted with stones in West Bengal late last year. That surely was no accident. Who’s ruling the state of West Bengal? Did Sweden also comment on developments there or does it do so only to undermine PM Modi?

There are so many valid areas in which to attack the Modi government, just as there are valid arguments to pin down any government anywhere in the world? Why then does Rahul pick the most inane arguments like chowkidar chor hai and now a white country, Sweden, proclaiming the death of Indian democracy. Rahul is Indian, no questions asked, but is he Indian enough not to realize that white countries are jealous, nay terrified, of the rise of India and China and will do anything to undermine that rise.



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