Will serve my people as doctor: Ashik

Ashik (named changed), the second Covid patient in India, is preparing for his second semester exam in the fourth year of his MBBS course.

“Studies and online classes take up my time. I need to complete my course, join the health sector in state and serve my people. This is my only dream,” said Ashik, who pursued his course at Wuhan University in China. “I am waiting to return to my university once international flights to China resume,” he added.

“People’s approach to Covid-19 has changed now. When I tested positive, there were only three cases in state. But people dreaded the disease. We have over 70,000 active cases and people have learnt to adjust with the new normal. After initial hesitancy, people now throng public places and shops. We can reduce our case load if people strictly follow Covid guidelines. If we maintain social distancing, wear masks and sanitize hands, we can keep the disease at bay,” he said.

Ashik feels that his experience and treatment has made him more confident. “Those days, I did not feel fear or anxiety. I dealt with the situation like a medical student. The doctors, nurses of Alappuzha Medical College, district administration personnel and government stood with us,” he says.

Ashik’s mother would like to forget those difficult days in her life. “We managed our lives somehow, I don’t want to go back to those days. My son was cured, that’s all I know. When Ashik tested positive, his brother was preparing for his medical entrance exam in Pala. We kept him in the dark so that his preparations won’t be affected. He worked hard, secured admission for MBBS at Kozhikode Medical College solely on merit. I’m proud that my kids are aiming to serve others in health sector,” she said.



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