Womanity has its biggest choice in the history to make now

If we have a referendum of women, the vote in favor of not having to be the gender that gets pregnant will find almost one hundred support from the modern women.

The problem with modern woman is not her hormones (as they actually offer her an emotionally intense life) but the fact that she is the gender that has to bear a human child.

If we think that our intelligence is our USP, it is not.

The USP of Homo sapiens is disproportionately prolonged pregnancy resulting in a helpless infant with even more disproportionately large head that needs to be nursed through an absurdly long period.

And who does it all? Obviously, the weaker sex.

If we equate the weakling that a human female is with an African elephant, the frail 50 kg woman delivers a 3 kg baby (and carries it around till it often reaches 10 kg weight), while a seventy times heavier female elephant delivers only a 90 kg baby that starts walking almost on arrival.

A hu-woman manages this miracle is because she has taken an intense path of body evolution with investing almost everything in child bearing and rearing, but it is also because of a behavioral evolution that she may have gone through.

If we return to the dangerous and predator-infested African plains, not to meet the elephants but our ancestors that lived there just a wink of evolutionary time away, the idea of evolving a female body that has to pass through such a demanding task of delivering a massive and helpless baby and taking care of it for many years starts looking very absurd, as such a female will be highly compromised to fend herself alone, and hence, if I use cruder words that may anger a few women, there is a strong possibility that the risky job of child-bearing also demanded that women ensure behavioral evolution to have constant male attention.

If we get objective instead of emotional, it is possible to accept the idea of attention-seeking as a survival-augmenting drive in women inherited from our wild and dangerous past, the idea of keeping one’s self attractive is a natural behavioral outcome.

Human males, if allowed (more so because they have billions of sperms to sow) would want to become irresponsible, so the onus was squarely on the women to keep males on an even keel by constantly demanding attention, which is almost a fulltime job considering the harebrained a human male can be.

But, as the women now want to (and can) step out of the ancient cycle of pregnancy and nursing (as a child-bearing machine that she was reduced to till she hits menopause), the issue that they need to look at is how will they now bring the next behavioral change that can actually alter their lives and that is where the torn jeans may or may not help.

If we look at the life of a woman, the idea of being attractive is almost at the centerstage.

Being body-beautiful is so critical to the identity of being a woman that no achievement compares to good looks. A woman can win a Nobel prize in physics but there is a great possibility that she can still be made to feel inadequate enough about her looks to buy a lipstick.

While women may insist on the idea of being attractive as a massive part of what they are and hence they won’t like to lose it, they need an honest retrospection of what it has done to them.

If there is a glass ceiling that is really meaningful to be broken, it is of the objectification of female body.

Unfortunately, just when the pregnancy shackles are broken, another tragedy has struck.

Never in this history of womanity, it was possible to objectify the female body as it is possible today thanks to the new technologies and forces of commerce are pushing that glass ceiling to new heights every day.

With mating-resulting-in-pregnancy now becoming controllable, humanity needs to prepare for a new behavioral equation and hence we are at a decisive point if history for the women, as they will need to decide where they want humanity to go. And if they won’t, the forces of commerce will.

Unfortunately, the change that women want is clear but they seem to be barking a wrong tree by focusing on right to be who they want to be without realizing that they are mere pawns in the game that biology has played and hence what they think they want to be will just be the same trap they have lived with till now.

What women are living with today is a biology out of sync, so the need to be attractive is just a fossil from a bygone era that can become a vestigial organ they can let go of.

The biology can’t be fought directly or quickly because evolution takes its sweet million years to do anything, but it is not impossible to change social associations more rapidly if women want.

It may sound a bit weird but one option that women can consider is not to break the glass ceiling but to destroy the foundation by walking away from the biological drive of being attractive.

It means a global campaign of shunning away from a sham of an industry called the beauty and fashion industry that has done nothing but amplified objectification of female body beyond all limits.

Women need to realize that biology is the least judgmental of all forces they face and it can accommodate any way of life. The onus is on the women to choose where they want to be, i.e., objects of pleasure for men or individual humans living a life beyond the inherited biology.

If they make the right choice, biology will surely follow.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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