Writing relieves mind

As I prepare to write,

First hovering o’er the paper with my quill

What wit sets down to adorn and enhance reality honestly, and positively with a will

Being prone to humility without the disease of superiority

Being discreet penning down reality

Enhanced by ingenuity

In an individualistic way

My grief

Becomes brief

Relieves my pain

Turns it off again

The more I express

I lose the heaviness

It loosens something at my chest

Feeling pressed

I get some rest

My life has endless surprises in store

The dazzling glories galore

Of my mother’s stories

Which please me more and more

The influx of energy, battles won

 Amidst wars sure to be lost, hope stood clung to me right on

Keeping mind wide-open —

As long as I’m not just going along

With any weird idea that comes my way

Emptiness is endless, cold as the clay

Not desiring idleness and decay

I never stopped, walked my way

Life has many pretty song

Physically weaker with mind strong

 My eager combat and real fight

For what’s wrong from what’s right

Thoughts swirl in my mind

I seek till I find

As thoughts entwined

I write what conquer my mind

Till my eyes go blind

The more I express my unquenchable thirst for life

In my troubles and strife

Under a surgeon’s knife

Countless times

Chasing me throughout my life

But the helpful plunging knife

Longer my life

Did you ever see such a thing in your life?

My imaginations and wordful passions

Keep my heart from being distressed

When anguish and pain wells up in my chest

By writing I get some dreamless sleep and rest

Recovered, relieved soul gets healed, rebuilt

The sense of security I’d lacked since my father’s death

It choked my breath

As Mum took charge, said

” crying isn’t an option there is no better life waiting for you so face this one and enjoy as life is granted once don’t let it go awaste”

Her words put more life in me than death

Telling me in one sweet easy breath

The words of charm

And her arm

Boldest in combat I shall but not be in silence

Injustice ache in loneliness

I shall fight the when the endless nightmare appear insurmountable

 With my life on the line

With courage, vitality, and with the help of kindness

I have the wits and knowledge to survive

I certainly have a bigger shelf life

Flicker of hope block old memories

Hoping for a better tomorrow

A glow of fondest hope

Clearing out the current horror

High hope

Gleaming of hope

Ignited a torch in the darkest hour

Spiteful intersections

Moment of illumination

 Knowledge, reasoning wisdom

There’s no

“should have ” if I’d ” wish I’d”

Life doesn’t give a chance

Granted once

Balancing precariously on a tight-rope

I can win once again



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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