20 Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Small Kitchen Design

You can become a professional chef preparing delicious food within only a limited space. Small kitchen decorations need some smart design ideas to make them functional and modern while keeping everything in its place. Follow our detailed guide on how to take advantage of narrow spaces and turn them into functional kitchens with a modern, elegant and organized desig


Everyone dreams of a nice, organized and elegant kitchen, but lack of space is often an obstacle to achieving this, although a small kitchen means less space for decoration, but if every inch of it is used, the results will inevitably be perfect. Depending on a few tricks, you will be able to double the space there and achieve a very functional kitchen.


Small and simple kitchen designs

Despite the limited space in your kitchen, there are many decorating solutions that will help you transform that space filled with cooking utensils into a practical and comfortable place for preparing delicious and delicious food. It’s just a matter of ingenuity and good practice. It’s not magic, it’s just a little creativity and good practice.

How to customize small kitchens

In modern kitchens with limited space, they have more solutions than their predecessors in terms of storage, even their placement has doubled the space capacity, they focus a lot on storage cupboards located at the top, built-in appliances, floating shelves, sliding drawers and other additional things, All this without sacrificing the aesthetics of the decor of a small kitchen.

A good distribution of kitchen furniture that is consistent with the size of the space, where each case is different from the other, is the main point for getting the most out of the kitchen, whatever its area. In other words, the spaces differ from one apartment to another, but there are three very popular small and simple kitchen designs, which are as follows:

L-shaped kitchen: This detail is very suitable for long kitchens, where the L-shaped detail is the ideal option for such cases, especially when the kitchen is rectangular and very narrow. Most of the common mistakes in a narrow rectangular kitchen room is to try to take advantage of both sides equally, and therefore there will be no movement directly there, so that passage will be almost impossible, so relying on the letter L will be optimal. It is important to avoid connecting all the ceiling cabinets to the top, to avoid the tunnel effect there, to give a wonderful rectangular small kitchen d├ęcor.

U-shaped kitchen: This design is ideal for square spaces, on one side the cooking area and all its appliances are placed, while the other side is dedicated to washing vegetables and utensils, while the third side is a comfortable and organized work area.

Kitchen detailing only one side: This detail is suitable if your private kitchen is open to the living room or dining room, in this case the ideal solution is to coordinate all the rooms on one wall, and take advantage of the length. If the space is sufficient, a fixed island can be added, or a movable island with four smooth wheels. Small as a partial separation area, while serving as kitchen support and additional storage.

Important tips for the best small kitchen decorations

Planning a small kitchen decoration is a process that is not complicated, but at the same time it requires care. When it comes to choosing the right pieces of decor, below we will look at some of the tricks and methods that interior design experts use to provide more space in a small kitchen, and this is only done by taking advantage of every corner in the room there.

More light for a larger space

We always repeat and repeat and increase this time, stressing that lighting is an important element in any room, regardless of its size. Here we mean natural lighting in the first place by creating more than one window, and then night lighting by providing high-quality lamps. Whenever you can create windows overlooking the interior or through a hallway connected to the kitchen that allows the flow of light, this will automatically double the space, and it will give you the freedom to employ some dark colors such as gray or black and others. Lighting will give you activity on me and keep the interior space bright, as it will rid you of that dark cave that was the cooking room previously.

Open plan to adjoining room

One of the designs of small, simple and elegant kitchens, which is becoming more and more popular day by day, is the creation of an open kitchen to the living room or dining room. This detail is very ideal for narrow spaces, as it will give you a sense of greater feeling within the space as family members will share the ongoing discussions under one roof. Previously, we had talked about this type in detail, you can refer to it.

White is the best color for small spaces

The distinctive thing about this pure color is that it can be used in all places, whether in the walls, cupboards, ceiling and even the kitchen floor. It can be combined with other colors in order to plant a bright smile on the space. Also, the white color is very suitable for rooms with fewer windows, so it would be the best choice in this case.

Glass is everywhere

We recommend using it in all places, doors, cabinet fronts, windows even your utensils, such as cups and others, give a very elegant touch. Especially in places where you store dishes, glassware, or cups. Frosted glass is very useful in small kitchens, the glass will not only allow light to pass through but also reflect it to spread throughout the room.

Good ventilation is good for the kitchen

It is important to have a good smoke extractor because if the space is small, there is less ventilation and air circulation, so we recommend installing a chimney directly above the stove, not forgetting the role of windows in this case, they help to change the air there and allow sunlight to infiltrate between its outlets.

Plates in the kitchen

A modern and inexpensive way to decorate a small kitchen is to use recycled materials such as palettes. It is an element that is increasingly used in different environments and generates

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