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Is it possible to tighten the body after sagging?

And after we got to know a way to tighten the body during and after dieting, there are still other methods that can be resorted to, namely:

Skin and skin health care

By using a skin-friendly cleanser, with a vitamin-rich exfoliator, which helps remove dead skin, stimulate blood circulation, and use a skin-friendly moisturizer.

Skin care creams

After consulting a specialist, and knowing your skin type, the doctor will decide on a suitable skin tightening and moisturizing cream.

Cosmetic surgery

It is the most suitable method and has successful results, but it is somewhat expensive, and that is why the doctor usually approves plastic surgeries in difficult cases, after undergoing many examinations.

The difference between sagging and excess skin

Let’s start with a practical way to know the difference, pinch the layer of skin at the abdomen area and pull it out, the skin will not bounce back on its own, and this is because the skin expands and contracts according to weight gain and loss, and then the skin expands with weight gain, while the skin Sagging is a result of losing weight, especially losing it quickly. To avoid sagging, the following tips can be followed:

How do I avoid sagging skin after dieting?

  • Sagging skin can be avoided with exercise.
  • In addition to maintaining skin and complexion hydration.
  • While protecting the skin from harmful sunlight.
  • In addition to eating an abundant amount of protein.
  • As well as a lot of eating an abundant amount of vegetables and fruits.
  • Finally, stop smoking.

Does sagging stomach go?

There is no magic wand to get rid of a sagging abdomen, and although a healthy diet and exercise are a suitable solution to prevent the body from becoming saggy, the abdominal area is one of the areas most prone to sagging.

How can sagging skin be tightened?

Yes, sagging skin can be tightened, but this requires time and effort, in addition to medical advice, and after a medical examination, the doctor may suggest many treatment methods, perhaps the most important of which are the following:

Laser sagging treatment

Where the doctor determines the intensity and number of pulses, according to the type of skin and the pathological condition, in order to promote collagen in the new cells in the skin.

Acupuncture for skin tightening

It is another method that relies on making small holes under the skin using specific tools, in order to stimulate collagen production.

Ultrasound skin tightening

It is a way to produce collagen in the skin and its cells, by increasing the temperature of the skin in specific places to tighten the skin and treat its sagging.

Are body lift surgeries dangerous?

Advances in cosmetic operations and operations related to getting rid of excess fat have reduced the chances of any risk during these surgeries. However, there are some possible complications that may occur during these operations, most notably:

  • The possibility of bleeding.
  • In addition to the chances of infection.
  • As well as the complications of general anesthesia.
  • In addition to the possibility of losing sensation in some parts of the body.
  • or unwanted scars.
  • The sagging may return to the abdomen again.
  • The patient may experience continuous pain.
  • Or even change the color of the skin or complexion.
  • As well as the possibility of swelling.
  • Finally, the possibility of not achieving the desired results.

We remind you that tummy tuck operations are not suitable for all cases, as this is determined by the specialist doctor, and the case must be in good health and stable in weight, in addition to not being addicted to smoking.

Does the sagging go away with time?

The truth is that sagging can disappear or decrease gradually with time, but there are some factors that may lead to increased sagging of the skin after losing excess weight, the most important of which are:

  • getting old.
  • Hereditary or genetic factor.
  • Losing weight by undergoing surgery.
  • The amount of weight lost.
  • Not drinking well.
  • In addition to not eating a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Finally, not exercising.

With the answer to the factors that increase the chances of continued sagging, we will have known everything related to sagging after losing weight, and at the conclusion of this article, do you have any experience with getting rid of sagging? Share your experience, as it may inspire someone.

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